The Foo Fighters ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Absolutely Amazing!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is something that has been done thousands of times over the past week or so since it became a viral trend by celebrities, ALS patients and so many other people as well. However, once you have seen one, you basically have seen them all, right? Wrong! The Foo Fighters have finally broken the mold in this regard by putting a unique spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You see, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters gang actually used the Ice Bucket Challenge to spoof the infamous and climactic scene from the 1970s movie, Carrie, where some of her bullies dumps a bucket of pig’s blood directly on her head. Dave Grohl plays Carrie in this clip (prom dress, flowers, tiara and all) and has a massive bucket of ice water dumped directly on her head.


Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters meets Carrie.

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