Chances Are That Your First Puppy Didn’t Look As Cute As This One – Especially When He’s Asleep!

Cutest Puppy EVER!

When did you have your first puppy? Perhaps it was when you were a young child and your parents bought you one as a present. Maybe you were a little older and were able to buy your first puppy with your own money from your first job. On the other hand, maybe you are not a dog person and have never been able to enjoy the experience of a first puppy. Regardless of where you fit within this spectrum, chances are that your first puppy did not look anything like this one.

You see, Reddit user AHoddy and his girlfriend just decided to get their first puppy together. Even though his first puppy was clearly asleep, he thought that he was so adorable that he took a picture of him and posted it on Reddit. Now that you have seen his puppy, what do you think? Isn’t it the cutest dog you have ever seen? The fact that it is a dalmatian with a spot placed directly over its eye (like Spot from 101 Dalmatians) makes this guy’s first puppy even cuter, right?


Cute Dalmation Pup

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