Mom Celebrates Her Daughter’s Period with a Hilarious First Moon Party

Have you ever had a first moon party? Probably not, but you are going to want to have one for your own daughter if she ever lies to you again. Trust us!

First Moon Party

When this young girl realizes that she is the first person to not have a period in her small circle of friends, this can quickly become an embarrassing situation for any young girl. Some young girls will even go to drastic measures and extremes just to fit in – such as taking the necessary steps to fake their periods. However, what they fail to realize is that the very last person they can fool…is their own mother. When this girl decided to fool her own mother by putting red fingernail polish in her underwear to look like blood, it backfired on her in the biggest (and funniest way) possible. Her mother decided to throw her a first moon party. In this hilarious commercial from HelloFlo, you get to see just how far this mother goes to embarrass her daughter – including inviting grandparents and close friends to celebrate with her at her first moon party. It is hilarious yet it does address a serious point and is one of the most effective ways to market a product (HelloFlo Period Starter Kit.) Job well done, HelloFlo!


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