If You Think the World Cup is Boring, This Adidas Ad Will Change Your Mind

The FIFA World Cup has officially begun and is off to a great start! The question is — Do You Care? While millions of people around the world will be clinging to every single second of the World Cup, there are millions of other people that simply do not feel as if such a monumental sporting event is worth their time. Perhaps it is because they feel that soccer (or football, depending on where you are from) is absolutely boring unless you are playing it. Well, it is clear that ADIDAS feels a little differently about the World Cup than those people do – which is exactly why they created this “all in or nothing” ad that almost immediately went viral after being released online. Within the first three weeks of its release, this captivating World Cup video was seen over 34 million times and might just give you the boost you need to change your mind about the World Cup forever. Enjoy!

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