The Next Time You Cut a Watermelon, You Won’t Be Able to Get What This Man Does Out of Your Head!

When Was the Last Time You Cut a Watermelon?

When exactly was the last time that you had the time to cut a watermelon? It seems that whenever the opportunity or need to cut a watermelon comes around, you might drop your head and lower your jaw – especially when you take into consideration the considerable amount of time that is required in order to complete this task in the first place. Perhaps that is why so many people prefer to just buy watermelon slices that have already been cut instead of take the time to cut them on their own at home. The next time that you need to cut this delicious fruit, you are going to think about what the older man in this video posted by This Blew My Mind does. It seems as if he has found the fastest way to cut a watermelon – and it will blow your mind! Enjoy and Bon Appetit!


cut a watermelon

This IS the fastest way to cut watermelon!

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