These Fast Food Confessions Prove You Should Not Have Eaten That Burger Last Week

Have you ever walked into a fast food restaurant and thought to yourself, “What the heck am I doing here?” You may have received a burger order and thought to yourself, “They did something to this burger!” or “They probably spit in my shake!” In most cases, you will simply brush those mental thoughts away and find a way to enjoy your meal — believing strongly that those thoughts were just in your imagination. However, this video is going to prove that you should have followed your gut instinct and stayed away from that order all together. BuzzFeed Yellow has been able to go viral with this informative video that covers 14 revealing fast food confessions from actual employees. Thanks to these fast food confessions, you can rest assured in knowing that your gut instinct was right all along and will make you think twice when you order something through the drive-thru again.

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