You Will Look at Your Favorite Fast Food Ads Differently After Seeing This!

Have you ever been highly frustrated over your fast food order? You might have been craving a certain burger or chicken sandwich from your favorite fast food restaurant for days or even weeks. Every time you see a printed advertisement or televised commercial for it, your mouth might start to water. Each time you drive by that particular fast food restaurant, you might immediately start to think about it. However….when you finally get it, you are sorely disappointed by its appearance. That is the type of fast food ads experiment that Mediocre Films wanted to focus on and conduct in this viral video that has been seen well over 2 million times –over 900,000 views have been generated within the past 24 hours alone.

Basically, he wears sunglasses with a hidden camera in them to each restaurant, recording footage of the sandwiches that he receives initially. Then, he compares it to an image saved on his mobile device of the fast food ads for that particular menu item. The most hilarious part of the fast food ads experiment video is that when he asks them to redo the sandwich so that it looks a lot more like the fast food advertisement, they actually listened to him! 

The Bottom Line

The next time you are at a fast food restaurant and do not think your sandwich looks like the fast food ads that you fell in love with in the past, speak up! You might be surprised by their reaction and shocked by just how close they can get to recreating those mouth-watering fast food ads in real life.

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