This Farmer Serenades Cattle with a Trumpet – Proving That Laziness DOES Pay Off!

Farmer Serenades Cattle by Playing ‘Royals’

This farmer serenades cattle with his trumpet in order to gather them together without having to do much of anything else. As you can see in this viral video, he  simply sits in a lawn chair in the middle of a field and plays the hit song from Lorde, Royals. At first, you might think that Derek Klingenberg is just plain lazy or simply enjoys practicing his trumpet lessons while facing a field of cattle. However, when you see the way that this farmer serenades cattle in order to gather them together around him, you will quickly realize that laziness does pay off! If this type of approach can work as a farmer serenades cattle with a trumpet, what else will it work for?


farmer serenades cattle

He serenades cattle…with a trumpet?

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