He Exposed Bad Customer Service at Wal-Mart in One of the Most Creative Ways Possible!

Don’t You Just Hate Bad Customer Service?

Have you ever visited a store that provided you with bad customer service? Perhaps you call a store (like Wal-Mart) and ask them to check to see if a certain product is available. Before you know it, they tell you that they don’t have it. However, when you visit the store, you are able to find exactly what you need, right? Well, Jack Vale Films decided to use their latest viral video to expose bad customer service situations just like this. Even though he is very careful at not identifying Wal-Mart specifically, you can tell from the store layout, pricing tags, employee uniforms and overall merchandising that it is exactly where they are located. Perhaps you can take a mental note from what Jack Vale has been able to do here and expose bad customer service the same way in your own video. What do you think?


bad customer service

He exposed bad customer service. Will YOU?

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