If You Believe Any of These 10 Facts about Evolution, You’re An Idiot! Enough Said.

Human evolution is a joke. The mere concept of mankind evolving from monkeys is a ridiculous notion that works better on film in a science fiction movie than in real-life. Whenever you hear someone talking about evolution, you should seriously smack them in the face and not feel sorry about it at all. Keep in mind that we at Qlty Ctrl love “The Big Bang Theory” television show…but that is where it ends. Our friends at AllTime10s have created yet another viral video, but this time around they focused on the topic of evolution, sharing 10 facts about it. If you believe any of the facts that connect humans to their past existence as monkeys, you’re an idiot. If you feel as if we are wrong about this, please share your thoughts either here or our Facebook page. We love a great debate – especially when it comes to such a stupid subject as evolution!

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