Every Upworthy Video EVER is Mocked in This 2-Minute Video – And It is Hilarious!

This IS Every Upworthy Video EVER!

Don’t you just love Upworthy? We at Qlty Ctrl definitely do – especially since we have shared content from their website and social media pages for quite some time. It seems as if Upworthy has a way of creating videos capturing memorable moments of strangers’ lives that pull at your heart strings almost immediately. Basically, every Upworthy video ever made has been able to shock you, surprise you and stir your emotions for one reason or another. Therefore, Cracked decided to…well…crack the code of every Upworthy video ever in this one hilarious viral video that starts off with a blind man (Travis) regaining his sight. We love you Upworthy – and always will. But perhaps it is now time to change up your formula!


every Upworthy video

Every Upworthy video ever…indeed.



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