Every Single Maid of Honor Speech at a Wedding is Exactly Like This. Admit It – It’s Hilarious!

The maid of honor has finally received the microphone at a wedding reception. She stands up to deliver her speech with her note cards in her hand. The crowd eagerly anticipates what she is going to say, hoping that it is profound, breath-taking and something that they have never heard before in their lives. However, chances are that is not what happens at all.  If you have seen one maid of honor speech, then you have seen them all! It’s basically as if all people that are chosen to become the maid of honor attend a class where they are required to learn how to deliver the same exact speech that Owen Weber nails in his stand-up comedy routine. From the cheesy jokes to the periodic dress adjustments, Owen truly does pay honor and tribute to the hilarious moments that we all see and love to mock (quietly or out loud) when we see the same, ol’ maid of honor speech time and time again.

Best. Maid of Honor speech. Ever!

Best. Maid of Honor speech. Ever!

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