These Delicious Pyramids Are Made Out of Rice Krispies Treats and Nutella.

Over the years, millions of people have been mesmerized by pyramids – especially the amazing and captivating pyramids built thousands of years ago in Egypt that still stand today. However, when was the last time that you saw a set of delicious pyramids that you actually wanted to eat? Our friends over at Epic Meal Time had an idea that your answer to that last question would be “NEVER!” The mere concept of delicious pyramids might throw you off in a way that will leave you confused yet intrigued at the same time. What if there was someone that was able to pull it off? What if a team of guys actually did create a set of delicious pyramids made out of two of the most guilt-filled snacks in the world – Nutella and Rice Krispies treats? That is exactly what they did! Prepare to have your mind blown as your stomach growls.

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