You’ll Give Your Mom a Hug After Seeing Eminem in This “Headlights” Video

You don’t need to be a fan of Eminem or his music to know that he and his mother have had a very rocky and turbulent relationship over the years. In almost every popular song that he released during the early stages of his career, Eminem expressed his negative feelings — and even his hatred for his mother. Do you remember “Cleaning Out My Closet?” Well, it appears that Eminem has turned over a brand new leaf in his life and has wanted to reconcile with his mother in his new hit single, “Headlights.” To really seal the deal, Eminem hired Spike Lee to direct the music video for “Headlights.” When you see this, you might get a little misty-eyed yourself. But you will definitely want to go and give your own mother a big hug whether you celebrated Mother’s Day or not. “Headlights” might not completely eliminate the memories of “Cleaning Out My Closet” from your mind…but watching “Headlights” will definitely help!

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