Emily Ratajkowski (emrata) 16 #Instagram Photos

In case you didn’t know, Emily Ratajkowski is the beautiful British-born model who performs in the hit “Blurred Lines” music video with Pharrell, T.I., and Robin Thicke. She is drop-dead gorgeous, and has a pretty impressive Instagram account, with over 400,000 followers. We figured if you’re not following her yet, now is the perfect time to do so. We’re always down to promote the models who have the best Instagram accounts on Qlty Ctrl. She is currently assigned to Ford Models NY, if you’re interested in following her, her Instagram account is emrata. Here is her Twitter account. Enjoy these amazing pictures of the model Emily Ratajkowski, and don’t get too carried away ;).

Blurred Lines Robin Thicke with Emily Ratajkowski

Blurred Lines Robin Thicke with Emily Ratajkowski

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