If Your Child Disrespects You, Ellen DeGeneres Will Pay You $10,000 – Find Out More Here

Back in the day, when a child was disobedient to their parents, they were punished. They were disciplined. They were spanked. If your mother told you “no” and you decided to go to your father or even your grandparents to ask them instead, you definitely were not awarded for that behavior. In 2014, though, times have changed.

As long as you are able to record your child’s disobedience and put it on YouTube, millions of people will share it with their online friends for one reason or another until it becomes viral. Once it goes viral, Ellen DeGeneres will watch it and invite you and your disobedient child on her show where she will try to fix your ordinary, everyday problems by throwing money at it. 

That is exactly what happened with little Matthew and the infamous “Just Listen” video were he tries to reason his way out of disrespecting his mother over some cupcakes. Ellen DeGeneres loved that video so much that she invited the “excited” mother and her disrespectful son onto her show and showered them with presents — including a monumental tower of superhero cupcakes, a weekend spa treatment and $10,000.

Bottom line, folks — disciplining your children is old-fashioned and outdated. Spankings and timeouts have been replaced with viral videos and lucrative incentives from talk show hosts that (by the way) refuse to have children of their own.

I wonder why. 

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