Trust Us – You’ve Never Heard the DuckTales Theme Song Like THIS Before

If you were a fan of Saturday morning cartoons from the 90s, then you know all about the Disney classic known as “DuckTales.” You more than likely even remember the DuckTales theme song, right? Well, if you remember – it was performed rather quickly, like an 80s pop/rock song. However, the DuckTales theme song got a complete makeover from our friend, Scott Bradlee Loves Ya. As a new segment of their “Saturday Morning Slow Jams” series, he and his band decided to perform an R&B remix to the DuckTales theme song that will have you reminiscing about that great cartoon and wishing you owned the song (which is available on iTunes.) This viral video of the remixed DuckTales theme song has already been viewed and enjoyed over 600,000 times in two days!

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