This Drive-Thru Counterfeit Money Prank Will Make You Check Your Own Wallet

A Drive -Thru Counterfeit Money Prank? Seriously?!

Magician Rahat has returned to the world of viral videos with yet a hilarious yet enlightening prank. This time around, he decided to create a drive-thru counterfeit money prank that will blow your mind and make you quickly check the dollar bills in your own wallet. How so? Well, he passed the drive-thru employees counterfeit money that actually featured their own picture on the dollar bill. Instead of paying any attention to it, the employees readily accepted the bills – not paying any attention to them until Rahat kindly brought the matter to their attention before driving off completely. What do you think about this drive-thru counterfeit money prank?


drive-thru counterfeit

An ordinary drive-thru transaction? Not really!

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