Drake vs. Blake Griffin: The Back-and-Forth ESPY Prank Battle You Never Wanted to End

Drake vs. Blake Griffin – a prank battle that you never saw coming…but could not help but watch and laugh hysterically at during the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night. Drake has already proven that he has a massive sense of humor in the past, such as when he hosted Saturday Night Live or helped out Jimmy Kimmel with a hilarious edition of Lie Witness News. The fact that Blake Griffin mocks himself all of the time in KIA and GameFly commercials automatically lets you know that he has a sense of humor, so bringing these two comedic forces together at the ESPY Awards was purely the move of a creative genius working behind the scenes. The best part of their back-and-forth charades happened during the segment when they were discussing the fake movie they did together, trying to determine whether it should be titled “Drake and Blake” or “Blake and Drake.” To get each other back, they then executed a series of pranks on each other that will have you on the floor cracking up almost immediately. Drake vs. Blake Griffin — Who Won?

ESPY Awards

Drake and Blake Griffin prank each other at the 2014 ESPY Awards

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