Drake was a Doubtful Choice for ESPY Awards Host – Until His Opening Monologue

Drake. Child actor. Grammy-award winning rapper. Sports fan. But…ESPY Awards host? Many people thought that choosing Drake to be the ESPY Awards host was a horrifying mistake that would be insulted and mocked online for weeks and months to come. However, Drake proved to be one of the very best ESPY Awards hosts of all time – especially when he delivered his opening monologue. Drake was the ultimate Roast Master during his opening monologue, talking about every trending topic within the world of sports, from Donald Sterling’s racism and strict NCAA regulations to the infamous moment when Lance Stephenson blew inside of LeBron James’ ear and LeBron deciding to leave Miami Heat behind to go back to Cleveland. In addition to his hilarious punchlines, the camera crew did an amazing job as well at getting honest reactions from the crowd – such as when they caught Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin laughing hard at the Donald Sterling joke or Shabazz Napier with a face of pure anger and frustration when the fact that he got played by LeBron James was brought up. What did you think about Drake as an ESPY Awards host? Watch his opening monologue here and let us know.



How did Drake do at the ESPYs?

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