Dr. Dre and Tyrese Started Celebrating the Apple Deal A Little Too Early (NSFW)

By now, you have more than likely heard that Apple will more than likely acquire Beats Audio by Dr. Dre and their expanding line of premium headphones and sound accessories for $3.2 Billion. As soon as that news hit the Internet, it automatically went viral — especially after a video of Dr. Dre cheering and celebrating himself as becoming the first billionaire rapper along with Tyrese hit the web as well. Please beware  that this video has a lot of language that may not be appropriate for certain people so this is definitely not something you want to play with your volume up either at work or school. We want to thank Hip Hop Loops for posting this video that has already been seen over 1.3 million times. According to Forbes, Dr. Dre’s share in the company is only between 20 and 25 percent. Therefore, even though this deal (if confirmed) would make Dr. Dre the richest rapper alive, it would still not make him a billionaire.

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