No One Loves Watching the World Cup as Much as This Adorable Dog!

You might think that you are  a World Cup fan. You might find yourself yelling or cheering at the television screen as you watch your favorite athletes and favorite teams go head-to-head in the World Cup recently. You may even wear the jerseys of your favorite players while you are watching the World Cup. However, all of that barely comes close to the enthusiasm and excitement that this dog displays when he is watching this monumental sporting event on television. Bearaids posted this video recently and it has already gone viral showing how this adorable dog really feels about enjoying the experience of watching the World Cup on the big screen TV. After watching this, two things will happen: (1) You’ll love dogs just a little bit more than you do already and (2) you will realize that you’re not as big of a fan of the World Cup as you think!

dog watches world cup

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