The Dog Does Not Chase the FedEx Truck in This Video – But You’ll Never Believe Who Does!

If you are looking for a great laugh, this video is going to give you exactly what you need! In most cases, you might see a cute dog chasing after a FedEx truck whenever one comes to the local neighborhood. This video seems to start off the same way – dogs barking profusely in a fenced-in yard as FedEx truck drives by. However, it is what happens after that point that makes all of the difference.

Even though it may seem like nothing else is happening after the FedEx truck drives by the first time, you have to wait a little while to see the second at. The FedEx truck begins to roll downhill with the driver chasing after it just like a dog. See for yourself in this video from JWs Public Videos that has already generated over 320,000 views. 

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