This Dog Slept Through the Rain on a Deck. Here’s What the Owner Found the Next Morning.

This Dog Was Caught Sleeping. And Went Viral!

This dog slept through the rain. At first, you might not think very much about that sentence – especially since this is something that most dogs do. However, what makes this dog so special is what happened the morning after the storm. You see, this dog slept through the rain on his owner’s deck. He must have got a real good sleep that night – not tossing and turning at all – because a complete imprint of his full body was left on the deck when he moved the next morning. Doesn’t it kind of look like a chalk outline at a crime scene? Fortunately, the owner (Reddit User Mitter78) was able to capture the moment the dog realized what happened on camera and posted it online to share with the rest of the world. It almost looks like the dog had a rough night of partying, slept through the rain and woke up from a massive hangover right? At least it provides us with a clear understanding of the fact that you never know what you might see when owning a dog. However, when this dog slept through the rain on his deck, he taught all dog owners a powerful lesson – Always have a camera ready!


dog slept through the rain

This dog slept through the rain and his deck became a viral hit!

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