You Would’ve Never Thought Household Junk Could Create Amazing Photography. Until Now.

Your Garbage Can Create Captivating Photography.

Within the world of photography, you can spend a fortune simply on lens, backdrops and other equipment options to enhance the lighting, appearance and quality of your photographs. However, Markus Berger helps us to appreciate that simplicity in photography is artistic all by itself. The fact that you can use a few everyday items that you have laying around your house to enhance the quality of your photography by leaps and bounds is more than impressive – it is genius! Trust us – when you see what he is able to do with black tile, a mirror, stockings and a tube light, you will realize that the world of photography is a lot more vast and magnificent than you might think. The best part is that you don’t need to break the bank to successfully venture into the world of photography to create artistic masterpieces with your camera.

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