Meet Didga. A Cute and Cuddly Cat That Can Purr, Meow and Do Parkour.

This is Didga. You have probably already seen another viral video with Didga in it in the past, especially since he was become one of the viral stars within the Feline World.  For instance, did you see the viral video where Didga was filmed actually riding on a skateboard? It truly is inspiring to think about – especially if you either love cats yourself or simply love watching viral YouTube videos that have anything to do with these furry felines in the first place. This time around, Catmantoo (the owner of Didga) was able to create a viral video that is the perfect opportunity to showcase another set of skills that Didga has almost instantly become known for around the world. That’s right — this cat can do parkour! The popular free-running skill is what got Pip Anderson cast in the new Star Wars movie. What exactly do you think these parkour skills be able to do for Didga? Only time will tell.

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