Derek Jeter. Even If You Hate Baseball, This Commercial Will Make You Tip Your Hat to Him!

Derek Jeter. A man that has broken the boundaries of so many other professional baseball players before him. Derek Jeter has been respected by millions of baseball fans and is viewed as a sports hero by millions of people that do not even like baseball. When you think of Derek Jeter, you might think of his day-brightening smile or how no one seems to wear the #2 jersey better than him – especially when it is accompanied by black and white pinstripes with a New York Yankees hat. Derek Jeter truly is a god amongst men when it comes to the world of athletes and this Jordan brand commercial pays honor to that point by allowing an abundance of people (including celebrities, movie stars and Michael Jordan himself) to tip their hats to him as a sign of respect. Chances are that, even if you are not a baseball fan, you will want to tip your own hat to Derek Jeter by the time the “RE2PECT” commercial comes to an end.

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