He’s an Actor – But The Equalizer Trailer Proves You Shouldn’t Mess With Denzel Washington…EVER!

Denzel Washington has been able to play a wide range of pivotal roles throughout his lengthy career as an actor on stage, the TV screen as well as the blockbuster movie set. When you think of Denzel’s grittiest roles that proved how much of a bad dude he is, certain film titles such as Training Day, Man on Fire and Safe House might quickly flash in your mind. Well, later on this year, those movies will fail in comparison to the newest movie that has Denzel Washington sitting behind the steering wheel — The Equalizer. When you see this first official international trailer, keep in mind that Denzel Washington is just an actor. However, it is also important for you to remember that he had to learn how to do all of this stuff and does the majority of his own stunts. Enough said. With that, we leave you with this action-packed trailer that captures footage of Denzel Washington kicking butt and taking names in The Equalizer.

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