Dave Chappelle Finally Reveals the Truth – And It’s Not At All What You Thought!

Ever since the Chappelle Show mysteriously came to an end back in 2003, millions of Comedy Central fans and critics wondered, “What the heck happened?” Dave Chappelle David Letterman Dave Chappelle had just ended a hilarious and highly successful second season of his critically-acclaimed sketch comedy show and was offered a massively lucrative deal from Comedy Central to continue the show for at least another two seasons. Well, all of a sudden, he just up and moved away to Africa and disappeared from the spotlight. Ten years later, reruns of those two great seasons are still being played in syndication. Key and Peele have basically used the same concept that Dave Chappelle made famous to create their own successful show on the same exact station. But, critics and viewers alike wondered what the heck ever happened to Dave Chappelle and the Chappelle Show? Well, he recently visited David Letterman to discuss the issue and how Dave Chappelle responds to David’s question about the show will leave you even more confused than when you first start watching it. Trust us!

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