Mean Girls Actor, Daniel Franzese, Comes Out – But Who Cares?!

You more than likely do not recognize the name “Daniel Franzese.” Chances are that you have no idea who that is or why he is important by name. Historical records confirm that Daniel’s 15-seconds of fame ended prematurely back in 2004 when he was featured as one of the leading male roles in the ensemble cast for the cult classic film, “Mean Girls.” Recently, it has circulated through the press and media that Daniel Franzese officially came out of the closet by writing an open letter to his “Mean Girls” character. As soon as that happened, he became a trending topic and major online headline instantly. WHY? Why is this so important? In no way, shape or form are we being homophobic or offensive to the LGBT community. However, why is it so important to feature Daniel Franzese as a trending topic just for coming out of the closet – especially since he hasn’t been featured in the spotlight for any else in over 10 years? Can someone please explain this to us?

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