This Proves You’ve Been Cutting Cake Wrong for Years & Didn’t Even Know It

How do you cut cake? When cutting cake, the average person simply slices it the same way that they would slice a pie, right? Of course! That seems natural. When you see the cutting cake portion of the average wedding video, that is exactly what they do. However, this viral video proves that we all have been cutting cake wrong all these years. According to Numberphile, cutting cake in this same old way is not the correct way to slice it simply because you are exposing the rest of the cake that will remain uneaten – which is why your cake seems to lose its freshness quicker than you think. This viral video clearly has been loved by millions of people – especially since it has already been watched over 2 million times!  Therefore, before you have to start cutting cake for graduation parties, weddings and whatever else you have planned this summer, you might want to do yourself a favor and find out how you should have been cutting cake this whole time. Enjoy!

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