You Think the Balls in This Crazy Circle Illusion Move Together? Think Again!

The Beauty of a Crazy Circle Illusion – That’s Not Actually a Circle After All!

Don’t you just love a crazy circle illusion? There have been so many of them that have been developed over the years in one form or another. Quite a few people have been able to build a solid foundation of viral videos and images simply by developing a mind-boggling crazy circle illusion that is absolutely breathtaking. Bruss Pup is perhaps one of the most successful optical illusionists when it comes to creating these artistic masterpieces and he has done so yet again with this crazy circle illusion that is sure to leave you absolutely speechless. You see, you might think that the tiny balls moving in a circular pattern in this video are actually moving together – all at the same time. However, if you think that the balls in this crazy circle illusion are moving together, then this viral video is going to prove to you that you are absolutely wrong. You see, when the video breaks it down by adding each ball to the circle one at a time, you will quickly realize that the crazy circle illusion is filled with individual balls that are simply rolling back and forth on individual straight lines. Enjoy!


crazy circle illusion

Do you see the straight lines in this crazy circle illusion?

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