This Couple Covers a Popular Song from Grease During a Road Trip – Using Sign Language!

Can You Sing a Popular Song – Using Sign Language?

There have been so many different covers of popular songs from musicals that have gone viral over the years – especially when you take into consideration the hundreds of covers that have come from the Disney film, Frozen, alone. However, this couple decided to sing a different song (other than “Let It Go”) from a different musical (other than Frozen) in a different language (other than English.) That’s right! This couple decided to perform the hit song, “You’re the One That I Want” from the classic John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John musical, Grease — in sign language. We want to thank Tina Sirimarco for taking such a brave journey to a whole new world of viral videos. Perhaps more people will not only learn sign language to communicate and interpret conversations with the deaf but also to make original and unique viral videos of popular song covers. What do you think?


sign language

A new way to perform “You’re the One That I Want,” right?


[Image Credit: New York Daily News]

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