Poker Player Connor Drinan Loses One Million Dollars in One Hand. Prepare to Feel His Pain!

Connor Drinan Needs to Learn How to Fold!

Connor Drinan learned an important lesson recently — that not all “sure things” are…well…sure! 

These poker players, Cary Katz and Connor Drinan, believed that they had each other beat easily with their hands or their professional skills and expertise at a poker table. However, they both had to face the fact of being absolutely wrong. You see, they each had pocket aces in their hand which is why they both decided to raise the stakes to betting one million dollars. However, Cary Katz used his hand to caught a flush directly in the river  which shot Connor Drinan down. When you see Drinan react to losing one million dollars with a hand that he thought for sure was a “sure thing” in this viral ESPN video, you will feel his pain. Ouch!


Connor Drinan

We are so sorry, Connor Drinan.



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