Conan O’Brien Having Marital Problems? He Joined Tinder with Dave Franco in This Video!

Tinder, Conan? Really? Tinder? Say it isn’t so!

Conan O’Brien has been known for doing a lot over the years to get a good laugh here and there. But this time around…Conan O’Brien may have gone just a little too far. You see, he decided to join Tinder – the popular dating application that is mostly used by people half his age – along with Dave Franco (an actor that is young enough to be Conan’s son) last week. Even though it may have started out as a joke, things got a little awkward when they started finding people under their fake names (i.e. Chip Whitley and Jangus Roundstone) – including a 74-year old elderly woman. Was joining Tinder just a really funny joke? Or, is it more of a cry for help? Conan O’Brien, we know the truth! Working all of those long hours for all of those years  separated from your wife and family, you get lonely. We get that. But maybe you should have filmed yourself joining your wife on a date instead of hanging out with people half your age by using Tinder. Tinder is definitely not the place for a “happily” married man with a family. We’re here for you, Conan. But this whole Tinder thing…that’s definitely a cry for help.



Conan O’Brien on Tinder?

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