This ‘Come Get It Bae’ Video Pays Tribute to Beautiful Women – Until Miley Cyrus Pops Up!

“Come Get It Bae.” Well, At Least It’s Not “Happy.”

The new music video for Pharrell Williams’ hit single, “Come Get It Bae” has finally been released to the rest of the world.

Pharrell Williams has truly been on a role so far this year without any scandals or controversies whatsoever. He was able to create a brand new fashion staple in the world of men’s accessories with the infamous Smokey the Bear hat that he wore to the Grammy Awards…and everywhere else since then. He was able to take a song that was featured on the soundtrack of an animated movie (“Happy”) and turn it into an internationally-known, Oscar-nominated hit. His popular GIRL album is a huge commercial success as well – especially with such leading singles as “Happy” and “Come Get It Bae.” However, it seems as if he has officially made the same mistake that his protege – Robin Thicke – made around the same time last year….he got Miley Cyrus involved.


Miley Cyrus

“Come Get It Bae” featuring…Miley Cyrus?!


That’s right! In his music video for “Come Get It Bae,” Pharrell Williams spends most of the video paying tribute to beautiful and stylish women of all races, nationalities and sizes. That is, of course, until you realize that Miley Cyrus is the one that was singing the catchy bridge featured towards the end of the song — and she definitely made an appearance in this “Come Get It Bae” video. Even though she was mostly clothed and did not bring a foam finger with her, who knows? She might be heading down that dark path again…or Pharrell may actually love his wife to the point of setting those boundaries from the very beginning. Sorry, Robin Thicke – it seems as if you should have listened a little more closely to the man that helped skyrocket your music career in the first place. Way to go, Pharrell Williams. “Come Get It Bae” is a great song with an impressive video!


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