Comcast: Here is the Uncensored Customer Service Call You Haven’t Heard Yet

Dear Comcast, you are going to have to get your customer service professionals in check – especially when it comes to the Retention Department because this is something that simply cannot happen again.

You more than likely heard about the Comcast customer service call but haven’t heard the full-length, uncensored footage that was recorded directly by the customer, Ryan Block. If you are not familiar with the Comcast controversy, here is a quick overview of this controversial call to get you call caught up.

Ryan Block simply wanted to have his Comcast service disconnected. However, the retention representative that he called continuously asked for Block to provide a “valid” reason for the disconnection. There is even one point during the call when Block states, “I can guarantee right now…you are doing an incredibly good job of helping your company be worse.” When you hear exactly how the Comcast representative handled the call, you are going to think the same exact thing. You might have had a few more choice words to use with the Comcast representative if you were the customer instead of Ryan Block, but it definitely does shine a bad light on Comcast and their customer service department.

In a statement made on Tuesday, Comcast stated that the behavior of that employee was absolutely unacceptable and the company was basically “embarrassed” by the way that he handled it. You would think that they would have done a better job at training their employees – especially in a department in which the customer has already decided to leave and it is your job to try to win them back. What do you think of the call? Did the Comcast rep go way too far?


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