She Knew How She’d Look After a Color Run. But She Never Expected Her Dog to Look Like This!

Oh, the beauty of the color run! The moment when you get a chance to run for a charitable course – perhaps a 5K or half-marathon – and have a lot of fun doing it. Perhaps the highlight of the average color run, though, is the chance to get blasted with different colors at certain points throughout the run. By the time the color run is over, you will look like a smiling, human version of the most colorful rainbow in the sky. You may have seen the pictures of color run participants hundreds or even thousands of times in the past.


color run

You gotta love the beauty of a color run!


However, this picture lets you know that humans are not the only ones that enjoy the beauty of a good old-fashioned color run — dogs can get in on the fun, too! When the roommate of Reddit user DanceWithPandas decided to participate in a color run, she took her beautiful, white Samoyed dog along for the ride. The picture of this colorful dog has recently gone viral on Reddit and will add even more color to your day!



color run dog

A beautiful white Samoyed dog…after a color run


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