Coach Denies Handshake – Providing His Team with an Ideal Example of Poor Sportsmanship

This Coach Denies Handshake – And Goes Viral for Doing It!

Normally a coach denies handshake from opposing coach in a little league game or some other childhood sports team simply because they are unprofessional, sore losers. However, on a professional level, it is very hard to find the moment when a coach denies handshake from the opposing coach whether they win or lose. This is primarily because of the fact that (1) they are professional coaches, (2) they are trying to set a great example of good sportmanship for their teams and everyone watching and (3) they are ON CAMERA – being watched, adored and/or hated by millions of people around the world.

That apparently did not stop Bayern Munich head coach Pep Guardiola from denying a handshake to the MLS All-Stars coach, Caleb Porter. Guardiola even took it to the extent of requiring his assistants to not even shake Caleb’s hand. Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself in this ESPN clip that showcases an ideal example of poor sportsmanship – the moment when a professional coach denies handshake from another professional coach. Wow!


Coach denies handshake

Coach denies handshake? Seriously?

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