Cleaning gadgets that make life easier

Gadgets were made to make our life easier. Everything, from smartphones to microwaves. They all conform to this idea. In the recent past, we have seen gadgets migrate from the conventional roles in our life to play a more active and central responsibility. The most notable is cleaning. Here are a couple of cleaning gadgets that will ease your life.

1. iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

BUY NOW – $399.99 $254.95

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$145.04 (36%)

This disc like vacuum cleaner will receive instructions from a remote control centre and do all the cleaning needs for you. This means that you can clean your entire house from anywhere without laying hands on the actual vacuum cleaner. You can even do it from your bed!

2. Robomop


Though small, this autonomous mopping device will suck up all the dust on its path. Its mechanism is simple. Whenever it encounters an obstacle, it changes direction. Powered by a small detachable battery, it can go anywhere meaning that you no longer have to move beds and couches to clean. What’s more is you can get it for under $25 at Amazon.

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