Chris Pratt Discusses the Controversy Behind Exposing Himself to Amy Poehler on Camera

Chris Pratt Talks About Showing Himself to Amy Poehler on Camera

Before Chris Pratt was known as Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and whatever character he is playing in Jurassic World, we all remembered and loved Chris Pratt for his hilarious performance as Andy Dwyer on the hit NBC series, Parks and Recreation. During one episode from Season 2, Pratt had the golden opportunity to get the best on-camera reaction from Amy Poehler — by actually going naked and openly exposing himself to her! Even though he was admonished by NBC to not take this situation lightly, he got the chance to talk about it openly when appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers recently.


Chris Pratt

Amy Poehler got a chance to see ALL of Chris Pratt.

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