Charlie Sheen Gets Engaged Again — WHO CARES?!

We at Qlty Ctrl are sick and tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen.  His drug habits. His bad career choices. His baby mama drama. His drug habits. His binge drinking. His drug habits. His porn star girlfriends and “goddesses.” His Adonis blood. His drug habits. His rants. His hatred for Ashton Kutcher. His other porn star girlfriends. Did we already mention his drug habits?

Now, the newest headline is that he got engaged to former porn star 24-year old Brett Rossi. Two words for you, Charlie Sheen – BIG DEAL. No one cares! Chances are you’ll never make it to the actual wedding and you’ll break off the engagement as soon as she sobers up and realizes how stupid she was for ever saying “yes” in the first place.

PLEASE! Bring the madness to an end, Charlie Sheen. Do something that we can actually care about….something that deserves to become a headline.

Just in case you forgot…here is the real Charlie Sheen. How long before Brett Rossi realizes that?

Can the real Charlie Sheen please throw up?

Can the real Charlie Sheen please throw up?

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