The Way This Guilty Dog Apologizes for Stealing Her Toys Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes!

The way that a guilty dog reacts to doing something that he or she realizes is wrong is yet another reminder of how much alike dogs and humans are, right? They may whimper and cry or simply shut down and do absolutely nothing in a state of guilty or shame. When you see the guilty dog in this video, you are going to be quickly reminded of all of those feelings and expressions that you are used to seeing – and one very special gesture that you probably never have seen from a guilty dog before. You see, this particular guilty dog (Charlie) stole a toy directly from the baby of his family. At first, Charlie didn’t think anything about it. He didn’t necessarily turn into a guilty dog until he started to hear the little girl cry after he stole the toy from her. In order to make up for his wrongdoing, this guilty dog decided to do one of the sweetest and most honorable things that a guilty dog  has ever done — he showered her with an abundance of toys! Even though this video was originally posted back in April, it recently started trending again and has now been watched well over 3 million times! When you see how this guilty dog reacted firsthand, you’ll see just why the video is so popular!











guilty dog

This guilty dog knows how to apologize, doesn’t he?

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