CBS Shows How Stupid They Are By Firing Dan Marino

Some people claim that it is shakeup, but we think it is just plain stupid. CBS has decided to fire Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe from “The NFL Today Show” and replace those two guys with Tony Gonzalez.

Okay. There are several things wrong with this picture.

First, it just doesn’t add up. Why would you fire two cornerstones (Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe) from your show to hire one brick (Tony Gonzalez)? That just does not make any sense to us whatsoever – especially when you look at the experience that both Shannon and Dan have both on and off the field. Their extensive histories of successful correspondence has made them great in front of the camera and allowed them to reflect on the insight that they used to have successful careers on the field as well. Getting Tony Gonzalez is a great move, especially since he did recently retire and had a very successful career himself on the field. However, giving up two experienced veterans for one rookie just does not make any sense whatsoever – especially when the two people that you are giving the boot are Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe.

You won’t be able to experience heated conversations and debates like the video clip featured above without these two pillars behind this desk. What does Tony Gonzalez have to talk about? DISH Network commercials? How do YOU feel about this shakeup?

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