After Getting Caught Stealing a Canopy, The Way These Women Reacted Will Shock You.

Yes, these women were caught stealing a canopy…by the owner!

July 4th is usually the day when many families throughout the US enjoy a delicious BBQ cookout or just take a nice trip with their family and friends to the beach. Flicky Rich took a trip to the beach and even had a canopy setup – ready to party! However, these two women saw his canopy unattended and felt that they could walk up and steal it. Then, they were surprisingly caught stealing a canopy directly on camera. They must have thought that, when it comes to finding a canopy on the beach unattended, finders are keepers and losers are weepers. Well, fortunately, Flicky Rich was nearby with his camera – capturing the attempted theft of his canopy on film. The two women tried to lie their way out of the situation, but then one of them clearly didn’t enjoy being on camera….so things got a little heated towards the end. After getting caught stealing a canopy, how do you think they would have reacted? If you were caught stealing a canopy, perhaps you may have focused on apologizing for the confusion or even just running away as fast as you can. When these ladies got caught stealing a canopy, they decided to fight back…literally. The things that some people will do for a canopy…Wow!

They were caught stealing a canopy red-handed...on camera!

They were caught stealing a canopy red-handed…on camera!

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