• King Bach Vines!
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    This 26-year old Canadian born web star already has over twelve million followers and his posts have been looped more than four billion times. Andrew B. Bachelor in real life, he posted his first Vine on April 29, 2013. Now it has grown to millions and millions of views and shares. He is also of […]

  • TED Talks: Meet the Mathe-Magician!
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    Having trouble with mathematics? Well, all of us do (especially at many points in our high school and college years). From assignments to quizzes to seatworks and exams, numbers make us nauseous and throw-up at the same time. Many books have been publishes to help students in their struggle with algebra and geometry but somehow […]

  • Numbers! Numbers!
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    Most of us may hate our mathematics subject saying that algebra and geometry have no use in real life. Yes, at some points students my be right about that but in many other points they are entirely very wrong. Engineers, architects, physicists even medical doctors and lawyers have a very good use for numbers. In […]

  • What Not To Post in Social Media!
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    Nowadays, more and more people can’t live without their smartphones or tablets stuck to their fingers. Why so? Because MORE and MORE people are getting very much addicted to social media! From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest and even so recently, Google+. But with the surge of this “Social Media” age, yes, […]

  • Russian Models to Follow in Instagram
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    Being the country with the biggest land mass in the whole world, Russia boasts of its over 140 million population. Furthermore, this land has been where thousands of popular models had been born. Today, we list down the top four Russian-descent models. 1. Irina Shayk Russian model and actress Irina has appeared in 2014 movie […]

  • Top Nash Grier Vines!
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    This 17-year old teen web sensation already has almost twelve million followers on Vine. Born in 1997, this web video star is from North Carolina.With about three billion loops, one may wonder what Nash Grier has. Well, what does he have that keeps his followers craving for a daily dose of his posts? Read on […]

  • You Should Hear this New Avicii Masterpiece!
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    Born in Sweden on 8th of September 1989, Avicii or Tim Bergling in real life has been producing several hits in the recent years. This 25-year old DJ and record producer has enlivened parties and clubs around the globe. Avicii’s genre of progressive and electro house, sometimes country and bluegrass music has been influenced by […]

  • Jason Clarke Stars in “Everest”

    In association with Walden Media, Universal Pictures takes the moviegoers again in this exhilarating movie adaptation based on a true  story of Everest mountain expeditionists as they struggle through the inevitable forces of nature. Directed by Baltasar Kormákur, under two other production companies Working Title Films and Cross Creek Pictures, the film is starred by Jason […]

  • Asian Stereotypes by Nigahiga!
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    Have you ever been stereotyped before? Perhaps at one point in our lives we have been tagged with statements that categorizes us into our own race, gender, or looks. But how should we react to these? Most people get emotionally hurt and lash out to those who have stereotyped them. Others are more carefree and […]

  • The Latina Domination
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    With Latinas dominating the runways, TV Screens and even the films, they sure have mesmerized the eyes of many. Let’s look at these five gorgeous ladies whose Instagram pictures we have gathered for your viewing.   1. Alessandra Ambrosio This 34-year old Brazilian model is already a mother of two. How does she keep that […]

  • Brent Rivera’s Vines are Totally Awesome!
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    This 16-year old web star from California with already 7.1 million followers on Vine is already an internet sensation. Brent Rivera first created a YouTube channel, MrBrent98, in 2011 and two years later he joined vine. According to, “it has always been his dream to entertain”. And sure enough millions of people across the world are hooked […]

  • Cara Delevingne is “Margo” in Paper Towns

    After the success of American author John Green’s book film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars which is a US Box Office hit, 20th Century Fox adapts this bestselling novel Paper Towns starring Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff to the big screen. This romance flick also casts other teen stars such as Halston Sage, Austin Abrams, Jaz Sinclair, […]

  • How Do You Sleep?
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    Who in the world doesn’t sleep? Well, we have to be some kind half alien or mutant if don’t snooze at all! Science says that adequate sleep needs to be around eight hours. But, did you know that human beings (yes, that’s our species–Home sapiens) are the only mammals “that willingly delays sleep”? However, no […]

  • What Color is Your Pee?
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    According to the website, Healthguide, most of us adults pee four to seven times daily.  However, some may rush to the bathroom more times than that (even reaching up to 30 times), which may point out significant health problems (which may be caused by common conditions such as overactive bladder or interstitial cystitis). Regarding quantity, normally […]

  • Hilarious Lele Pons Vines!
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    If you have been to Vine, surely, you have checked out this 18-year old young lady from Florida. Lele Pons was the first ever Vine user to reach one billion loops. Imagine that?! But now it has grown to over five billion loops with 8.1 million followers. What makes this teen internet prodigy so special? […]