• Portland Growler Company
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    We have just fallen in love with Portland Growler Company. They started in the Summer of 2010 and create ceramic jugs that are unique, locally produced, and excellent to hold whatever you want. Here’s an excerpt from their website: “Started in the summer of 2010 as a collective of designers and ceramicists who banded together […]

  • Anti Texting and Driving Short Film GTA
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    Wheelman by Rory Nestor. An anti texting and driving short film created in partnership with Setanta Insurance and the Road Safety Authority. Don’t text and drive! Even if your a bad-ass delivery driver because cement trucks exist and they DO crash.

  • Phonebloks – The next step
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    We had a post earlier about the Kickstarter page for Phonebloks. I just noticed that the innovator of this item just created an awesome video in response to all the donations he has been receiving. It appears that Samsung is going to be developing a phone similar to the Phonebloks, so we hope he has […]

  • Wakeskating the Eighth Wonder of the World
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    Respect for the environment was a priority from the beginning of this project! The team has assured that the plants and wildlife have neither been damaged nor disturbed at any time during the project. All agreements have been made together with the locals and under respect of their traditions and culture. Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb […]

  • For The Players Since 1995
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    #Playstationmemories . For all of us who grew up on owning a Playstation from the 90’s up to now. An awesome video created by Sony that is so nostalgic I almost shed a tear.

  • Shunji Yokokawa: Salt Flats World Record
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    During Speed Week of 2013, Shunji Yokokawa and his two man crew from Japan, traveled to the Bonneville Salt Flats to break a world land speed record. The trip was Shunji’s first ever to the Salt Flats were racing and attempting to break the world record became more challenging than the crew had envisioned.

  • Extreme Trick Shots
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    The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect have returned to deliver their best, most extreme trick shots to the web. The crew hit up the Boy Scout’s 10,000 acre Summit High Adventure Base in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia for some serious adventure and fun. And of course, to perform incredible, mind blowing trick shots.  

  • Best Cosplayers of Comic Con and London Film
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    The London Film and Comic Convention gathered some of the nerdiest and best looking cosplayers in Europe. This compilation details the best and worst costumes of this year’s event. Check it out!

  • The Formidable Beer Pong Table
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    The Formidable Beer Pong Table was created by Outsmarting Technologies LLC for the use by the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity of MIT. Visit them at Some of the many features include – Dual Automatic Ball Washers – Gutter Collection system on side to collect run off from table – Illuminated Lettering and under table illumination […]

  • Guts iPhone Halloween Costume
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    If you want to impress your friends and family this Halloween, you’re going to need two iPads and alot of fake blood. Digital Dudz are your key to Halloween party domination… just sayin- USA website –

  • Pantz
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    Thrift shopping is such a good idea. Especially with theanimator89. We want a pants-dress NOW.

  • California Road Trip 2013
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    Youtuber James Bragg decides to videotape an impressive journey that many take; a roadtrip through sunny California. I’m a native California resident and I absolutely love the shots that James gets throughout this video. Check it out and plan your next trip!

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear: A Long Time Coming
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    It’s been a long time coming. The Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear have arrived. Learn all about The Next Big Thing and join the conversation at