• Anti Texting and Driving Short Film GTA
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    Wheelman by Rory Nestor. An anti texting and driving short film created in partnership with Setanta Insurance and the Road Safety Authority. Don’t text and drive! Even if your a bad-ass delivery driver because cement trucks exist and they DO crash.

  • Gigantic A-380 Singapore Airlines RC Plane
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    Remote control model airplanes have greatly progressed over the past few years. This gigantic remote control model A-380 jumbo jetliner is evidence of that. RCHeliJet posted this video of the model jumbo jet flying in October, but the clip is trending again now.  

  • Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Time Lapse
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    You’ve never seen hot air balloons like this before! A couple of weeks ago, Albuquerque, New Mexico held its 42nd annual International Balloon Fiesta. It’s a 9-day event where over 700 balloons see liftoff. It’s the largest hot air balloon festival in the entire world and we were on hand to capture the action.

  • Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme
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    Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme carry out his famous split between two reversing trucks. Never done before, JCVD says it’s the most epic of splits — what do you think? Please share & comment! This live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering — a world first technology […]

  • Husky and Fuelmatics: Automatic Refueling System
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    Husky Corporation and Fuelmatics AB collaborate on the next generation technology that makes drive-through vehicle fueling possible. The system was unveiled at the 2013 PEI Convention at the NACS in Atlanta where petroleum industry, convenience store, and service station executives viewed live demonstrations.

  • Aeromobil Roadable aircraft 2.5
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    Have you ever wanted to drive in a car that can fly as well? Feast your eyes on the roadable aircraft, Aeromobil! Land at any airport in the world and drive any highway, this is the future of transportation!

  • Ghe-O Rescue Vehicle
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    The Ghe-o rescue vehicle is one badass machine. It’s a first response truck developed in Romania that measures in at 6400 pounds. It can seat 11 people, it has a medical stretcher, and a 620 liter water tank. If you’re worried about terrain issues don’t worry, it can travel through anything. I pre-ordered mine today!

  • 11Foot8 bridge crash compilation
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    A compilation of all crashes uploaded until may 2013 by 11foot8.com, copyright Jürgen Henn Just because i love this site. Way to go Jürgen. Keep up the good work!

  • The Cornfield Bomber
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    During a training mission from Malmstrom AFB on Feb. 2, 1970, this F-106 entered an uncontrollable flat spin forcing the pilot, Maj. (Ret.) Gary Foust, to eject. Unpiloted, the aircraft recovered on its own and made a gentle belly landing in a field near Big Sandy, Mont.

  • Shunji Yokokawa: Salt Flats World Record
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    During Speed Week of 2013, Shunji Yokokawa and his two man crew from Japan, traveled to the Bonneville Salt Flats to break a world land speed record. The trip was Shunji’s first ever to the Salt Flats were racing and attempting to break the world record became more challenging than the crew had envisioned.

  • Ron Burgundy Pitches New Dodge Durango
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    Ron Burgundy is a Dodge Man through and through. And it’s definitely not just because he’s appearing in commercials for their products—including the majestic Dodge Durango with 25 MPG.