• Celebs Twerking It Out
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    Oxford Dictionary’s has long included twerk in their online database, the word is defined as a “Dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.” Well, some may argue with it, reasoning that it doesn’t give the word as much justice as it should. However, in […]

  • Pika! Pika! It’s Pikachu!
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    Created by Satoshi Sajiri in 1995, Pokemon has long become a worldwide phenomenon. With hundreds of different Pocket Monsters, we took one of the most amazing–Pikachu! Ash Ketchum’s best bud has captivated the hearts of both the young and old alike. This time we take you to the most fascinating Pikachu gifs ever made! 1. […]

  • Top 6 Moments in iCarly
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    One of Nickelodeon’s unforgettable series was the one starred by Miranda CosGrove. Yes, that’s right, it’s iCarly. Even though the show had ended long ago, there are just those moments we can’t forget. iPilot: The first episode will forever be etched in our hearts. Here we see the the  yesteryears of Carly, Sam, Freddie and […]

  • Clash of Clans World Domination
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    This Finnish multiplayer online video game which is offered for free by the Supercell game developer in both Android and iOS smartphone has left gamers stuck in their screen for hours. One cannot help but regularly check his or her village for fear of being sieged by other clans. Just what makes this game so […]

  • Spongebob Squarepants Facts You Must Know!
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    The ever-loved Spongebob Squarepants has not only dominated TV and the big screen but the whole world as well. Its creator, marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg, animated him to life in 1999 and was originally aired by Nickelodeon. Now, let’s look at some brain-wrecking facts about the Sponge! His exact address is 124 Conch Street, Bikini […]

  • spider man in action
    Spiderman: Still Your Friendly Neighborhood
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    Through the years, Marvel’s Spiderman has undoubtedly carried on its legacy. Since its first comic appearance in 1962, Spidey’s popularity has grown extensively. Avid comic fans ranging from teenagers to young schoolchildren and even those young at heart have always yearned not only for Spiderman magazines or movies but also different memorabilia. For those baby […]

  • FineBros Feature Elders Playing Grand Theft Auto!
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    The world of YouTube has paved a way for thousands of hopefuls to become popular. To this date, we see countless YouTubers who have been collecting and collecting thousands to millions of subscribers. And one of favourites, of course, is the FineBros! The channel was created by the brother Benn and Rafi Fine last June […]

  • Must-See Vines of Thomas Sanders!
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    Born on April 25, this energetic young lad from Florida is breaking out on Vine! With almost 6 million followers and over 2 billion loops, Thomas Sanders has definitely become a top celebrity on Vine! By all means, how has Sanders captivated the eyes, ears and the hearts of the crowd? Well, there are actually a […]

  • At Vine, Tyra is having Fun.
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    Vine  is for Tyra as it is for anyone. She showed that glamor and fun can be combined. Displaying cuteness, playfulness that was captured in Vine, who says models can’t have fun?  Tyra Bank’s glamorous acts captured in Vine shows the world that modeling and goofing off can be combined. We see Tyra dressed up […]

  • Ten Most Bizarre Vampire Movies
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    Vampire movies are usually thrilling to watch. They give one the sensation of fright and excitement all at the same time. Several producers have mastered the art of producing master piece vampire movies. The themes or story line may vary but the constant factor is that it is about vampires and the theories revolving around […]

  • 8 Cartoons That You Must Never Watch on Family TV
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    The world has evolved a lot. You would have to be completely blind not to notice. Time moves so fast to the extent that you might as well be living in the past if you can’t keep up. The cartoon world used to be just that; Cartoon. It was for little kids to enjoy and […]

  • 10 Most Daring Grammy Looks from Nominees and Guests
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    When it comes to making fashion statements, the Grammys, compared to any other music awards, has seen it all. It is after all the music equivalent of the Oscars. The awesome, the good, the daring, the bad and the ugly all have graced this event. This has gone to the extent where the CBS network […]

  • 8 Musicians Who Did a Great Job Acting in Movies
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    Countless musicians have tried with varying degrees of success, to parlay their musical ability into a side career in film. These eight musicians are proof that not all musicians are created equal when it comes to their acting abilities. Here are the musicians who did a great job acting in movies: Beyonce   As natural […]

  • Movie Trailers that Were Way Better than Their Own Movies
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    Movie trailers are deceitful. Perhaps that’s what they are meant to be. We always enjoy the teasers and an idea of what to expect in the movie. More often than not, however, producers tend to pick the juiciest parts of the movie and put them together in the most dramatic way possible. The idea is […]