• King Bach Vines!
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    This 26-year old Canadian born web star already has over twelve million followers and his posts have been looped more than four billion times. Andrew B. Bachelor in real life, he posted his first Vine on April 29, 2013. Now it has grown to millions and millions of views and shares. He is also of […]

  • The FLASH Facts!
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    DC Comics, The Flash, was given a new shine with the The CW channels as an American television series. Played by actor Grant Gustin, the show premiered on October 7, 2014 in North America. And just this January 2015, the channel has continued the show for its second season. Today, we will uncover some quick facts about […]

  • Nicholas Sparks’ Sparkling Fiction Creations!
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    The 49-year old American novelist is not only a book author but also a screenwriter and a producer. His eleven novels have already been adapted in different movies starred by various Hollywood actors and actresses. And surely, these films had been US Box Office Hits. Born in 1965, this father of four has already published […]

  • Can’t Get Enough of Plants vs Zombies?
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    “There’s a zombie on your lawn There’s a zombie on your lawn There’s a zombie on your lawn We don’t want zombies on the lawn” Most of us already know this tune, and we can’t deny that for some time in the past we have sung along to this song from the very popular tower […]

  • Green Lantern Fast Facts
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    The ringed superhero was created by Martin Dellon and first appeared in July 1940 in the All American Comics #16. This DC comics superhero had its debut film adaptation in 2011 starred by Hollywood Actor Ryan Reynolds. Most fans and critics were dismayed with the movie at its release, reasoning that the film didn’t give […]

  • Top Nash Grier Vines!
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    This 17-year old teen web sensation already has almost twelve million followers on Vine. Born in 1997, this web video star is from North Carolina.With about three billion loops, one may wonder what Nash Grier has. Well, what does he have that keeps his followers craving for a daily dose of his posts? Read on […]

  • Asian Stereotypes by Nigahiga!
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    Have you ever been stereotyped before? Perhaps at one point in our lives we have been tagged with statements that categorizes us into our own race, gender, or looks. But how should we react to these? Most people get emotionally hurt and lash out to those who have stereotyped them. Others are more carefree and […]

  • Bugs Bunny Fun Facts!
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    Ever since its first appearance on TV in the animated show Porky’s Hare Hunt, this cartoon character has gained so much worldwide popularity. Read on as we list some quick facts about this lovable character. 1. Animator Tex Avery was the official creator of this beloved rabbit with a personality of a bug. Ben Hardaway and Carl Dalton […]

  • Brent Rivera’s Vines are Totally Awesome!
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    This 16-year old web star from California with already 7.1 million followers on Vine is already an internet sensation. Brent Rivera first created a YouTube channel, MrBrent98, in 2011 and two years later he joined vine. According to, “it has always been his dream to entertain”. And sure enough millions of people across the world are hooked […]

  • Gotta Love Anne Curtis!
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    With 3.2 million followers, Anne Curtis-Smith, is surely rocking Instagram. The 30-year old Fil-Aussie actress is also a model, TV Host and a singer as well. Discovered by a talent at 12-years old, this lady has reached the heights of her career. Read on as we enumerate, what makes the charming Anne so lovable and […]

  • John Green Best Picks
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    American author John Green (John Michael Green), is not only a novelist but a vlogger in YouTube, creates online educational videos and a historian as well. This novelist whose birthplace is in Indianapolis wanted to be an Episcopalian minister.  But fate had him in a different direction. Green graduated at the Kenyon College, with a degree […]

  • How Do You Sleep?
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    Who in the world doesn’t sleep? Well, we have to be some kind half alien or mutant if don’t snooze at all! Science says that adequate sleep needs to be around eight hours. But, did you know that human beings (yes, that’s our species–Home sapiens) are the only mammals “that willingly delays sleep”? However, no […]

  • Danielle Steel Must-Read Novels
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    World best-seller author Danielle Steel has sold 800 million copies of her novels worldwide. She is now considered as the “4th best selling author alive”.  Readers around the globe patiently wait for her new books to be sold. It’s no wonder why she has been so much successful. Steel’s style of writing includes the intricacies […]

  • Superman Handy Facts
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    It’s not a bird! It’s not a plane! It’s Superman! This superhero from the planet Krypton has not been considered as an alien by the earthlings. Instead, we have accepted this caped hero with arms wide open. Published in 1938 by DC Comics, Clark Kent has been considered as an American Cultural Icon. We have listed […]

  • Batman GIFs You Should See
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    Since Batman’s creation by artist Bob Kane’s in 1939,  the whole world has been enamoured by the charisma and skills of this so called “the World’s Greatest Detective”. This Dark Knight has been franchised in many different movies and animations. Bruce Wayne, an business aristocrat who has poured out his riches on protecting and keeping his City, […]